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The daily (M-F) Podcast audio and LIVE video campaign of Dr. Dondee & Marci Nettles. 


One thing the pandemic lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine campaigns, school & business closures and constantly changing health recommendations taught us is: MOST of us underestimated the importance of our health & wellness!


Many learned the hard way, that it's better to be healthy FIRST, when a pandemic hits, than to try and get healthy after-the-fact. Now, many are willing to do whatever it takes to maximize their wellness and do what we can to stay healthy. That's where we come in!


As a former Police Detective and a former Doctor, we decided it would be a good idea to INVESTIGATE and report back the healthy lifestyle habits, best practices and biohacking secrets we were aware of and using.


Our prayer and objective is to provide viewers and listeners with a weekly educational buffet of health related information, to equip them with simple, effective and easy-to-implement information.  


We go LIVE on Facebook and Zoom and Episodes are uploaded to our Dr. Dondee Nettles YouTube channel as well as the top Podcast listening sites, like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, In-Tune, etc.


Tune in LIVE or listen in later and be ready to take your WELLNESS to the top!

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