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Introducing: The You're Blank, What Now? Podcast with Marci Nettles

Broken promises, broken dreams and broken hearts; no one is exempt. The question is... Did these happen TO us? Or did they happen FOR us? It's all how we deal with it that matters.

Welcome to the "You're ________, What Now?" Podcast! We are all on this weekly journey together.


You will hear miraculous stories of recovery, redemption of restoration. Wonderful stories of people going from hurt to healed, enslaved to empowered and from victim to VICTOR, on their "What Now" quest!

Thank you for saying YES to YOU!... You will never be alone, because we are all in this life together. 

Please plan to tune in every week to the "You're _______, What Now" Podcast. If you were Blessed by it, please share and give us a 5 Star Review.  


We appreciate you so much!

Your Host,
Marci Nettles

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